There are three categories of general membership that are open to individuals, organizations or corporations who are interested in supporting and being a part of our efforts to prevent and control childhood cancer.

1. Ordinary Membership (UGX 50,000 Paid Annually) 
This is open to all individuals wishing to support and be involved in our cause.

2. Patronage membership (UGX 200,000 Paid Annually).
This is also open to any individuals, as well as organizations, corporations or government bodies, interested in supporting and joining our work.

3. Life Membership (UGX 500,000 Paid Once).
This is open to any persons, organizations, corporations or government bodies who want to be involved in our efforts on a lifetime basis.

Benefits accruing to members:
1. All individual members constitute the annual general meeting, which provides the opportunity to influence policy and to participate in the growth and development of the organization.
2. Each individual member receives copies of UCCF publications on a quarterly basis e.g. brochures, newsletters, annual reports, etc. 
3. All members have access to a wide range of materials on cancer in general and childhood cancer in particular from the UCCF resource center.
4. Individual members automatically become flag bearers of UCCF, sharing in the joy of making a difference in the life of a child with cancer, and having the ability to share this with others.