Health & Nutrition 

Our health and nutrition program is focused on providing treatment support to children diagnosed with cancer and their families/guardians, and on implementing programs to promote safe and healthy behaviours among children, guardians and hospital staff to ensure child health and survival.  Readmore


Physiosocial support 

A diagnosis of cancer can be very stressful and difficult for children and families, and can lead to accompanying feelings of despair, anxiety, isolation, hopelessness and confusion. To help them work through these emotions, we provide a variety of psychosocial support and.. Readmore


Program development 

In order to advance our initiatives, the UCCF is involved in conducting research and needs assessments among hospital patients to ensure that our programs are best serving the needs of childhood cancer patients. We also undertake fundraising activities and resource mobilization to allow us to continue implementing and expanding, Readmore


Education & Awareness 

In Uganda, one of the main barriers to treatment of childhood cancer is the limited awareness of the disease, meaning that it often goes undiagnosed or will be misdiagnosed as another illness. However, with early diagnosis and proper treatment, between 70 and 85% of many childhood cancers can be cured. Readmore


Grants Management 

Our newly grants Management program supports in accounting and financial reporting for None profit activities.

Our team is Proficient in  the use of financial management systems and have ability to interpret complex grant funding requirements, submissions, and budget Projections. Readmore


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