How your Money helps

How your Money helps

We operate all of our programs and initiatives based on the generosity and support of individual and corporate donors. We spend all donations in an effective, transparent and accountable way. Every dollar makes a difference!
Here is how your money will help us to help children suffering from cancer:



will pay for a nutritious meal for a child undergoing treatment at the Uganda Cancer Institute



will pay for transport for a child and their caregiver to travel 100 km to and from hospital for treatment



will cover the cost of pain relief drugs for a child with an incurable cancer



will provide palliative care for a child with an incurable cancer, including follow up and pain relief drugs



will fund the total cost of treatment for a child with Burkitt's lymphoma, including paying for missing drugs from the Government Hospital (Uganda Cancer Institute). One of the most common childhood cancers in Uganda, this cancer is more than 60% curable when properly treated.



Will help us reach 2,400 school children with our awareness campaigns, which educates students and communities about early diagnosis, early warning signs of some common cancers, preventative measures and treatment for cancers. This includes providing informational, educational and communication material to empower the students to do outreach and awareness promotion in their communities.



 Will support the Patients Solidarity Day that is organized at the end of each year,  with the primary objective being to bring hope to families affected by childhood cancer, and to bring together patient support groups to promote patient-centred healthcare. Clowns, face painting, bouncing castles, gifts, great food and lots of other fun activities are some of the highlights of the event.

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