Dance Break Cancer

This was an event that was organised by the 3C Avant-Gardes from the various schools who put up a dance event to raise funds and resources to give to the cancer patient at the Uganda Cancer Institute and to raise Cancer Awareness in the society. The event was held at the Uganda National Museum)


 Watoto Health Camp

 (The 3C team took part in the Watoto Health camp that was held at the Uganda martyrs namugongo Anglican shrine. The event was to bring the medical services closer to the people. The 3C team raised awareness about cancer as people received medical services reading out some of the most commonly asked questions in schools)


National 3C Conference

The conference which will be held at Gayaza High School on the 9th of December is aimed at celebrating 5 years anniversary of 3C (Children Caring about Cancer). Over 300 people are expected to attend this event.


Education and awareness

School visits To make follow ups on the development of the 3C clubs in the schools.

Club opening 3C clubs will be opened in more schools around the country this year inorder to support the education and awareness program

Avant gardes More Avant Gardes chapters will be created this year following the new vacists who are waiting to join the university inorder  to enable the students to continue doing the work of cancer awareness in their socities.

Swimming fundraising gala at Seeta high school in July 2015

World Childhood cancer day. This is a day aimed at creating awareness for the children and the adolescents in the country and worldwide and we as Uganda Child Cancer Foundation will be joining the rest of the world in these celebrations in order to bring better treatment and care to the cancer patients.



This is a program that involves the use of water, to bring about sanitation and hygiene. 

After Easter we will be embarking on educating patients, cleaners and health personnel about sanitation and hygiene. If you would like to be apart of the program feel free to contact us!!




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