The Uganda Child Cancer Foundation (UCCF) is a Non-government organization that was founded mainly by the Uganda Cancer Institute staff, parents of children with cancer, and other concerned individuals. It was formed to support children and young persons suffering from cancer in Uganda, by providing direct treatment and social support to children made vulnerable by limited resources, and to advocate for cancer control and management.
Each year, we provide much needed support to more than 1000 children with cancer and their families, including financial, psychosocial and treatment support.

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A diagnosis of cancer can be very stressful and difficult for patients especially children and families, and can lead to accompanying feelings of despair, anxiety, isolation, hopelessness and confusion. To help them work through these emotions, we provide a variety of psychosocial support and counselling services to all affected by a diagnosis of childhood cancer.

The UCCF Advocacy strategy focuses on demanding for change in policy and interventions related to cancer and childhood cancer in particular. To that end UCCF will work through and with different networks in order to magnify the voice to cause change.

In Uganda, one of the main barriers to treatment of childhood cancer is the limited awareness of the disease, meaning that it often goes undiagnosed or will be misdiagnosed as another illness. However, with early diagnosis and proper treatment, between 70 and 85% of many childhood cancers can be cured. We believe that the key to maximizing diagnosis is for people to be well educated about the risk factors and symptoms of the disease.

To raise a competent community of young people with skills that enable them support those affected by cancer.This program area is twofold, on other hand it focuses on mentoring childhood cancer survivors while on the hand it embraces young people who care about cancer and require the support as they develop through life.


Our strategic direction: The impact we want to have

While we have achieved a lot, there is much more we can do to help the patients and to raise awareness about cancer, UCCF has the following goals for our future work:


To raise awareness about cancer and to create a platform for access to quality information.


To mobilize resources for appropriate cancer care, services and treatment


To Support/ invest on research related programs directly or indirectly, through close collaboration with key stakeholders in cancer control.


To mentor and build the generation of young people who care about NCDs and are volunteer driven and want to promote healthy lives in their communities
Help us invest in a brighter future for children who have been pushed to a dark age. We believe that together we can build a sustainable future where children growcancer free.